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5-Minute Easy Morning Exercise to Increase Fat-Burning

By Vivian J Wu

You don’t have to be killing yourself with Navy Seal-style exercises, or exercises that tests the limits of human endurance, just to boost your metabolic process nor has it to be an abs building exercises. Easy activity should be just simple.

Studies show that we tend to be inactive early in the morning and this makes our metabolism a bit slow. All you need is a 5-minute simple physical activity to get started – either before or after your breakfast. Here are some points to remember how you can get started with your new morning habit:

1. Getting in the Habit. If this will be your first time to do exercising, don’t worry if you will be able to continue with the routine, of course you can! Morning exercises are easier to make habit-forming than having it later part of the day. If you boost your and metabolism and energy early in the morning you are establishing a pattern a pattern without knowing it. And if you leave your exercise later in the day, you will only have tons of excuses not to continue, you’re too tired, or you ran out of time excuses.

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