5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising When You Don’t Want To!

By Avy Barnes

Tired? No motivation? Don’t feel like exercising right now? BUT… you keep looking in the mirror and don’t like what you are seeing? Well, if you are looking for fitness motivation tips to get you up off your butt and start sweating, then this article is for you! However, I’m now going to yell, cuss, and fuss to get you pumped up. I’m going to share with you 5 pretty clever (and simple) ways you can actually “trick” yourself into exercising… even when you don’t feel like doing something as simple as walking to your kitchen (lol)!

1. Go to youtube.com and type one of the following into the search bar: For men, type in pre-workout motivation. For women, type in female fitness motivation. Pick out at least 2 videos that are as relevant as possible to those search terms I mentioned a second ago. Watch those videos and then watch how much motivation you’ll get to get up and get to work on improving your body!